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Being a huge fun of "The Architecture of Open Source Applications" series of books I've been super excited when an announcement came in that call for reviewers was open for a new book called "500 Lines or Less".

The idea behind the book is that even though modern software became pretty complex and is based on sophisticated standards, even pretty complex systems can be implemented at least on the level of proof of concept in 500 lines of code or less.

I rushed with an application an ended up being assigned first as a code reviewer and later as a technical reviewer for 2 chapters:


Several years passed before book was officially published as it involved collaboration between many people spread across the world who were working on the book in their free time.
It was an unusual experience for me not only because it was the 1st time I was helping to write a book but also because the work was done on GitHub in a way similar to Open Source Software. The amount of new experience and knowledge I gained from this involvement cannot be overstated and I genuinely happy about every seconds I spent on it.

It was a pleasure to work on the book with Michael DiBernardo, who coordinated the work, as well as with Dustin J. Mitchell and Jessica B. Hamrick who were the authors on chapters I was lucky to be reviewing.

A cherry atop the cake to all of this was getting a printed version of the book and seeing your name on the acknowledgments page.

Thank you all who participated and I hope readers will enjoy the book!
I'd love to work on a next book may it be planned.